3 Day Closets offers organizational assistance for every room in your home or business. From the basement to the bedroom, and beyond, our talented organization professionals can transform a cluttered mess into an efficient interior space that the whole family can use. Whether it’s improving your existing storage or adding a space-saving Murphy bed, 3 Day Closets can do more for you.

Take some time to review other areas of your property that our company can enhance through better organization. Once you’ve determined where we can help, give 3 Day Closets a call to schedule a personalized assessment for your commercial or residential space:


Sacramento Laundry Room Storage Solutions Photo - 3 Day

A place for everything and everything in its place. At Custom Closets & Cabinets, we will organize and optimize your kitchen storage areas to give you easy access to everything you need.

Craft Room

Sacramento Craft Room Storage Solutions Picture - 3 Day

Arts and crafts can be an extremely enjoyable experience. Custom Closets & Cabinets offers customized craft rooms to match your hobby - with high-end furniture and outstanding accents!

Entry ways

Sacramento Entryway Storage Solutions Image - 3 Day

Entry ways make great first impressions on first-time visitors! Custom Closets & Cabinets can add personalized razzle dazzle to your home or office by incorporating customized elements that match your personality.

Commercial Rooms

Sacramento Commercial Cabinets Photo - 3 Day

When your showrooms and offices are organized, your clients can see they are dealing with professional experts. Custom Closets & Cabinets can help you step up your corporate appeal with interior organizational services that get the job done.